4 Hidden Secrets Hollywood Tries to Hide!

4 Hidden Secrets Hollywood Tries to Hide!
4 Hidden Secrets Hollywood Tries to Hide!

Would not it be great secrets to hide in a place where you have plenty of reputation? Of course it happens. Here are a few important secrets of Hollywood that have not been spoken much and are hiding for years.


Women are making less money than men, as in almost every profession in Hollywood. This incident was not openly talked about until the hackers’ e-mails of the Sony executives were puzzled. Later, however, Amy Adams, who took the second role in American Hustle despite taking Jennifer Lawrence as the lead role, was much talked about getting a lower payment. Patricia Arquette touched this issue as she received the award for Best Supporting Actress with the dirty laundering.

Amanda Seyfried explained that the male stars received one of their winnings. Robert Downey Jr. in Gwyneth Paltrow Iron Man films. and hated the salary gap between them. Even among the best actors of the past, Merly Streep, who wrote his name, said that he was charged less than men in his films, and everyone said “No more!”

Actors just do not work for themselves. There are dozens of people around them who take advantage of their performances and achievements and fill their pockets. As such, these people can even abuse the player on behalf of the player’s success.

There are many cataclysmic events such as pedophile producers and directors who want to have a realistic trauma scene when they lose their pets and benefit from children’s stars. The best known ones were to keep players like Marilyn Monroe and Judy Garland under control by giving drugs and sedatives. Their lives were short.



Hollywood actresses are much more incredible than normal people. Although they look at themselves for their profession, it is not enough for many producers and directors. Raven-Symone said she has been trying to lose weight since she was a child to look good in front of the camera.

Patricia Arquette has been pressured that the director should lose weight in order to be able to play in the Medium despite having had a new birth. Of course these prints do not come only around the film. Social pressure also seriously affects the players. Like Gemma Arterton is too old to play Bond daughter or Katniss Everdeen is too fat for Hunger Games.


Kim Kardashian

Some celebrities really hate paparazzi, but some love them. Because they need paparazzille and gossip schedules to keep their reputation warm. According to the Rolling Stone magazine, Kim Kardashian, LeAnn Rimes and Tori Spelling are among the folks who call the paparazzi after a good preparation.

Most celebrities want paparazzi support to control media talk before sensational news such as divorce news.