Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk’s pregnancy!

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk's pregnancy!
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk's pregnancy!

The world famous model Irina Shayk was pregnant was a big echo. It was noted that the former model of the Russian model, Cristiano Ronaldo, sent the celebration message to Shayk.

Cristiano Ronaldo and model Irina Shayk, the world famous footballer, whose five-year relationship ended in January 2015, are in friendly relationship. Victoria Secret 2016 in the podium and impregnated Irina Shayk’a apparently congratulated by the Portuguese footballer has been expressed.
It turns out that contrary to what is known, old lovers do not leave a fight and friendly relations continue. The first child of the Russian model is said to be a man.



Irina Shayk had a relationship with actor Bradley Cooper when she left Ronaldo. It was reported that the Portuguese footballer sent a message to her ex-girlfriend as soon as she heard the news of her pregnancy and relayed her joy for not developing.
Cristiano Ronaldo is with the Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez. The star player was shown in Paris in the passing days. Ronaldo was attracted by interesting clothes and wigs to avoid being recognized.

He is also a father to seven-year-old son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, also reportedly born to a surrogate.

When asked by Spanish news outlet El Mundo whether the Real Madrid star was “happy” to have another child on the way, he replied: “Yes, very much.”

Proud Ronaldo also admitted his newborn babies are “precious” and that he has a lot to learn when it comes to changing their nappies.

Spanish model Georgina earlier today hinted she is ready to marry the Portugal captain, teasing at “big news” to come.

The former Prada shop assistant let slip on Instagram by following several wedding dress makers accounts.

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