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Do the right exercise during pregnancy!

Do the right exercise during pregnancy!
Do the right exercise during pregnancy!

Exercise during pregnancy strengthens the muscles and connective tissues of the mother. Exercise is as good for the baby as it is for the mother, and it provides important contributions to the baby’s brain and mental development. Experts who point out that the tiny baby in the belly is accompanied by the mother who is exercising also warns his mothers against exercises that are not properly selected.

Doctors, pregnancy, said the effects of exercise on mother and baby health.

Your baby is doing sports with you

During the pregnancy period, the mother prepared the exercise less painful birth voicing Dr. Kyle stated that he also positively affected the mental development of the baby.

During the pregnancy period, exercising, oxygen supply and blood circulation by stimulating the muscles and connective tissue strengthens, mothers prepared less painful birth to transfer Yrd. Assoc. Dr. “The results of the EEG study (assessing the electrical activity of brain waves activity) showed that the benefits of pregnancy exercises are not just about mothers, but also about brain development and cognitive activities of newborns.” The results of the study show that high brain activity remains in the elderly, A fetal heart that makes 140 strokes per minute in the mother’s womb, when the mother exercises 160 strokes per minute, with the ending of the mother’s exercise, the baby’s heartbeats return to normal, so the mother accompanies her little baby while exercising.

Exercises you can do during pregnancy
Relaxin hormone released during pregnancy, the joints and connective tissue of mother candidates is more relaxed than normal.  “Exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, pilates and sudden turns, hopelessness and dancing that do not involve jumping, which last three days a week for 30-45 minutes, are risk free during pregnancy,” Kyle said.

Suggestions for mothers who will exercise during pregnancy
If the mother candidate does not have a habit of exercising before, or if there is a risky pregnancy, the assistant must pass the health check before starting the exercise and form a safe ground for the baby and himself. Dr. Kyle found recommendations for mother candidates.


Appropriate clothing should be selected: Choose appropriate clothes so that your body temperature does not rise too much while exercising. Excessively increased body temperature prevents the baby from getting enough blood. Your body temperature should not exceed 38.2 ° C in measurements made under armpits.

Use correct sports shoes: Use sports shoes that fully support your ligaments and tendons. Consider a change in your shoe number due to edema and get a new sports shoe if necessary.

Must be warmed up before exercise: Start with warm-up exercises. If you ignore warming and you go to exercise, you increase the risk of sprains and other injuries.

Do not stay in the same position for a long time: Static exercises that require long periods of time in a position can slow the blood flow to the placenta and cause dizziness in you. For this reason, do not stay in the same position for a long time and keep moving.

Avoidance from the supine position: Avoid this because the exercises on the supine position can cause dizziness or prefer the side-lying position.


Pay attention to heart rate: Do not allow your heart rate to rise above 130 beats per minute. Violence can be an easy determinant for you if you continue to be able to talk on your side without breathing while exercising.

The body should be rested: Listen well to the sounds of pain or discomfort that may be the alarm signal of your body.

Drink plenty of water: one or two glasses of water every 15-20 minutes during the exercise.

Care must be taken when starting from the ground: Be careful and slow as you get up from the ground. Remember that the center of gravity of your body has shifted due to pregnancy.

Do not exercise in hot weather: Avoid exercising on humid and high temperature days.

Contact sports should not be done: Remember that your joints are looser than normal. Do not do contact sports such as horse riding, skiing, tennis, squash, climbing and basketball.

Cooling exercises should be done after exercise: After exercising, do cooling exercises and give yourself time to restore heart rate and blood pressure to normal.

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