Important moments of 2017 Grammy

Important moments of 2017 Grammy
Important moments of 2017 Grammy

Held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last night, 59. The Grammy Awards ceremony, James Corden. There was many a night color now.

James Corden, roll down the stairs to the stage and Grammy.

James Corden; Jennifer Lopez John Legend took to the back of the car, famous model, like in the famous program car in karaoke. This fun show Beyonce’s five year old daughter Blue Ivy also attended.

James Corden

There was great competition between Adele and Beyonce at Grammys. But at the end of the night, his face smiling, Adele. Best album of the year and best song five awards, including Adele, Beyoncé.

Adele and Beyonce at Grammys

Adele on stage while the award speech “Beyonce really I love you so much,” he said. In the meantime both Adele and Beyonce could not help crying.


“This award can not be able to win,” said Adele, “Lemonade album too imposing, beautiful and with a soul album, Beyonce. We love you as all the artists here. Işığımızsın “he said.

Adele, the award as it stands broken pose, according to People magazine in the hands of exporting to a piece by breaking the award from Beyonce kaynaklanı according to the Cosmopolitan when it was just an accident.

Adele, who died last year to commemorate a George Michael song. But when I noticed that the wrong song by apologize interrupted the performance. Adele, “I’m so sorry, I know you live but you’re going to have to start all over,” he said. Adele wrapped in tears, performance.


Another living night setback Lady Gaga perform with Metallica frontman Hetfield. Hetfield, when the sound of the microphone during performance outclassed. The show was enraged after Hetfield, kicked the microphone and guitar on threw it behind the scenes.

Lady Gaga

Members of the Twenty One Pilots group, Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph, received their first Grammy award for their underwear. Members of the Twenty One Pilots, who won the best pop / group performance award for the song ‘Stressed Out’, described the move as a reference to Grammy watching underwear at home before becoming famous. “We promised to each other that if we really won the Grammy, we would go out on the stage with my underwear as it is now.”

Twenty One Pilots

April 2016, who died on the night of the Prince de Grammy not forgotten. Morris Day and The Time Bruno Mars together performance from Prince’s moment. Mars, black eye makeup and purple jacket with Prince, while artists similar to Prince’s ‘ Let’s Go Crazy ‘ performed the song. Beyonce and Jay Z, danced along with other spectators.

Grammy 2017

Twin babies, being pregnant, Beyonce was the most memorable moments of the night stage performance. Returning two awards of the night Beyonce, gold costume, ‘ Data ‘ and ‘ Love Sand Castles saying their song ‘ eye-catching.

Beyonce Grammy 2017

The wife of rapper Jay-Z and Beyonce’s five-year-old daughter follow tempo with Blue Iyv.


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