Intensive interest in wig hair

Saving wigs for women who have shortened and regretted their worn hair and want to change their appearance, have been in our lives for many years. But in the last period, such a technique has been developed that you will never be able to distinguish these wigs from your own hair. Especially the technique that Hollywood stars prefer is very popular among these …

Produced from real hair

The technique we are talking about is ‘lace wig’, which is an accessory that Hollywood celebrities can not give up. The wig is made from real hair and sticks with sticking technique.

Since the lace on the ceiling gives the appearance of the same hairdresser, it is not possible to distinguish it from the original hair. Moreover, you can give shape as you like. Whether you make buns or horse tails … These wigs, which you can find in many places in our country, are quite expensive abroad.

Indispensable of the stars

Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, Emilia Clarke and many more Hollywood starr…
We often look enamored at the lepisaca hair that stretches all the way to the waist. It is not possible to understand that they are not natural because they use hair wigs and latest technology products.

Designs came before the cold

Last winter, the world famous brands that introduced the 2017-18 autumn-winter collections in fashion week, finally drove their products to the market.

Elegance and colors front panel

Over the limit of office whiteness, suits, panties, pen skirts, armband, oversized parts, hats, scarves and colorful designs that we will see abundantly will all under the cold winter days.

90’s coming

We will also welcome 90’s fashion in our new season collections.
At that time fashionable blazer jackets, velvet trousers, nylon-like clothes await their curiosity. In the fabrics, velvet and wool rise up.


Although it looks like a black and gray front panel, in 2018 the main output will be red. Because last year, many brands have given this rendition to their creations.