Lindsay Lohan announces new creations with headscarf!

Lindsay Lohan announces new creations with headscarf!
Lindsay Lohan announces new creations with headscarf!

Famous actress Lindsay Lohan reports that she is a Muslim, and she shares a photograph taken with her headscarf in her social media account and the note “New fashion collection on the way” is dropped.

The famous star posing with a headscarf in Gaziantep, where he first met with Syrian asylum seekers, is getting ready to adapt his philosophy of Islam to his world of fashion as well as his life.

Lohan, which is displayed with the Qur’an in 2015, has been reflected on the object with his headscarf during his visits to our country during the past few months.

Lohan, visiting asylum seekers, 3rd development in Turkey regarding my asylum seekers. Turkey is really doing good work. We should at least help in this regard, he said.


Lindsay Lohan announces new creations with headscarf!

In a television program he joined last month in London, the beautiful actress, explaining that he was discriminated against at Heathrow Airport in London due to headscarves, decided to design a new dressing crew. The embroidered scarf at the head of Lohan, who shared the gospel of the new design from Instagram, cautioned.

The beautiful star, under the black and white photo, the ‘New fashion collection on the way’ note is down. A large number of Muslim fans who saw this sharing of Lohan kept the famous actress in the rain.

It is being spoken that Syrian refugees will forgive much of the revenue from the sale of the Hollywood star’s new collection.

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