STAR WARS: Rogue One’s only removing all Benefits


Star Wars: Let’s talk about Rogue One.
First of all, we need to clarify some things. To write a script before writing, especially if this script contains a specialization. I would say it in a nutshell: While some of my youthful years were reading a book in front of Wookieepedia in a very determined and proud way, while I waited for F5 to sell the new book on Amazon, I went looking for an easter egg in a two-dimensional Clone Wars animation. Star Wars is one of the hardest things in the world for me. As this film’s beautiful director Gareth Edwards said it beautifully: From the moment I first watched Star Wars, the world was unique because “I knew I could open up Star Wars, no matter how bad things go.”

However, this article was not written in such a profile. This is not a criticism made within the limits. It will not. When I watch Rogue One with Star Wars, there are much more important questions to ask; And under these questions, Filmin kind of charms (Riz Ahmed and Mads Mikkelsen’s acting, K2’s characterization, original film submissions, Moff Tarkin, etc.) are crushed under all kinds of gariplines. As someone at the time indicated very beautifully, even the Vader scene at the end of Filmin is in a heartbreak; Because even if you remove the EU, you know that Dede Ren, who is dying in that corridor, will make a nursing home duel with his former master after three hours. He does not think he has any sense.

But here, it does not have to be bought anyway. Judging Rogue One with Star Wars admiration is something that will change according to where you keep Star Wars. Right now, the subject we’re interested in is not Rogue One’s right place. It’s more objective. It’s about film grammar. It’s about something that all the stories should have. It’s about a question that burns with neon lights in your mind that no story should be forced to ask the audience in the final, but the movie ends and credits do not start to flow. Filmin is a question that wipes out all the gains in a structure, not an equation. It’s a simple question.

Who are these people? I really could not stop myself from asking myself when the movie was over and looking at the screen. Now these people, who have I seen two hours?

Look. Let’s get started. Too much work, let’s get on top of the art of cinema. Let’s just get back to the storytelling, and let’s face it first: there is no such thing as an interesting narrative. Not anymore. The human son is telling the story of two millennia.


Even if it comes from the variations that can be done, it is fresh because it is not known only what it looks like. That’s why you call it narrative, I think, it’s authentic on character. How solid the characterization is, how thick the bone is; It is so likely that it will shoot, take you and fly you. In order for a narrative to work, you need a character first of all.

This story is especially important if the story you’re talking about involves personal federals. Because you can prove that the audience is a meaning of those feds, if you can build empathy only to build characters, you can make characters perform enough to convince audiences. Hele hele, if this story of the feds described is a story of a massive suicide mission that everyone eventually died of, and if the design in it, filmin, eventually the main characters die together in the shadow of bombs; Then at least the follower should look at one of those who died and think, “What’s the name?”


But that’s what you think when you finish Rogue One. Jon Erso and K2 apart from the name of hundreds of millions of random Star Wars in the name of a heart that will allow you to keep your head in a movie without Allah. They are physically present, but there is nothing under physiology. This also applies to Jyn Erso. In fact, there is no character in the film, except for K2, which cleanses with blind spot finger honesty and indifference. There are a group of actors. They’re playing something. But no character.

Because when you sort out what you call character, you can answer certain questions. Who is Jyn Erso? What kind of person? The simplest, the better? Selfish? We understand that the “cute bum” has tried a character in the archetype.

But what are they specifically? More “adventurous” type punk like Star-Lord? Is Han Solo a selfish, bummed bum? Is the Nathan Drake type a good-hearted but lone tycoon, someone like Jack Sparrow who travels at the asshole level but is overly sympathetic? Do you have any place, no drink, anything? What kind of reactions did these things have in your life?

Before you say, “Voaa, what do you expect from a Star Wars movie,” let’s ask such questions about Rey. Not so much, filmin character, who came out a year ago. Who, for example, is himself? Selfish? No. On the contrary, he is a very generous person. How do we know? Because we saw your poor man breaking his bread and sharing it. Compassionate. The BB-8 was obvious from the exit. At the same time, the self-confident, the eye is not much. He picked up the Millenium Falcon, but he did not let it go, he ventilated it. He put all this in the film. With all this, he spoke piecemeal. Now that you met Han Solo, we knew him soon. There was a portrait in front of our eyes.


Is it possible to say something like that to Jyn? Or for the other characters? What if I passed everything and now I can write the names of the Ip-Man brother and his brother without taking advantage of Google? Or the character of Gabriel Luna? Riz Ahmed’s character? No? These are main characters ha filmin. Main staff. I’m not asking for the receptionist Twi’lek. Are they now? I passed their names, what were their pasts? Is Gabriel Luna his brother merciless, eg assassin, guerrilla, freedom fighter? Ip-Man brother is a guardian thank you, but what does it do in my spare time? Prayer reads, yes? Is he calm, patient, wise, man of action? Who is the brother-in-law of Ip-Man?

There is no excuse for not being able to answer these questions. There really is not. Because it’s a suicide mission, friends. So the design is drawn like this: When there is not a group of people, they come together in a way that both learns to hope and acquires confidence, an impossible task arises, and the group dies while completing that task. Very nice subject. There is no objection. Heleki’s story underneath this one, and the stolen Death Star plans? You sit and cry. She loves the silent heroes in the first Filmin comic strips in 2 hours and connects, watching their deaths; A terrific rise. A terrific blow. An unforgettable experience.

But Rogue One can not have any of them, because the formula forgot to take the lock part to the next shot: the character. When you do not know anyone, you do not like anybody. When you do not love anyone, you can not connect to anyone. When you can not connect, you can not feel them. Even if this is not a feeling chain, Filmin is finally becoming a group of humanoids that die in turn. Filmin, technically beautiful, you know you can not get in, but you can not refuse what you did not die with. There’s been a breakup now. The most basic piece of Jenga was filmed.

Star Wars: Rogue One has plenty of technical improvements. The attraction, the light, the effect, the Tarkin show, the sendings are all ten. However, the mediocrity created by swinging from the vertebrae is really painful instead of the fist that the character can wear in the finals. The only question he can not answer is that Filmin has removed the possibility of being the best Star Wars work ever. So courageous, after so much risk, the failure of the questioning, emptied the bottom of all.

What, really, are these people now?


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