What is dermal piercing?

What is dermal piercing?
What is dermal piercing?

You want to have dermal piercings? You can find out for us questions such as dermal piercing construction, dermal piercing care, dermal piercing damage and dermal piercing healing process.

Dermal piercings are the ones we use in the areas we want to emphasize in our bodies. Sometimes courage and occasional piercings that show differentiation nowadays have changed in size and come up to the practice of dermal piercing.

What is dermal piercing?

Dermal piercings are different from traditional piercings. Traditional piercings come from one place to the other and come from the other place. The dermal piercing is fixed in one piece under the skin using a single-surface titanium insert.

Dermal piercing made

What is dermal piercing?

The dermal piercing practitioner opens a small hole in the bottom to be applied. Then insert this dental anchor (screw) into this small hole by means of a pliers. When the pendulum rescues, the screw remains fixed to the bottom. Over time, the piercings are stabilized deeply by the healing.

Dermal piercing damage

As with every piercing practice, there are some risks in dermal piercing practice. Except for the risk of rejecting deep piercings, piercings can shift away from the place if they get hit. For this reason, the region must be protected against impact during the healing process. Even if you do not have any external impact, you may want to remove the piercing from the piercing because it is a foreign matter, but you can still use your piercings for years if you have done your dermal piercing care diligently.

Dermal piercing plus

One of the benefits of dermal piercing is that you can make it to any part of your body. If you want to emphasize where you can do dermal piercing. Whether it’s your neck, give it a necklace look, or put a nice few drops next to your tattoo. You can give your upper hip a look of dimple to draw attention to your waist curvature.

Dermal piercing care

What is dermal piercing?

If you want your dermal piercings to heal quickly, you need to do regular care. Keeping the area where your dermal piercing is and keeping it clean, you should not take nicotine and you should be fed healthy. Considering that your piercing is a wound, you must take precautions to recover a wound. You should touch your subject as little as possible. Do not use soap to clean the wound, but salt water will suffice. The tea tree will support the moistness of the region in maintenance with oil.

Healing process

When necessary care is provided and the dermal piercings are healed from the puncture, the healing period will be 4-6 weeks on average. If you get a yellowish liquid stream from your mouth during this time, it’s a good idea to see a doctor.