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Elvis’ Daughter in Huge Debt

Lisa Marie Presley

Elvis Presley‘s daughter and precious Lisa Marie Presley is in deep debt. According to documents which released by her ex-husband Michael Lookwoodshe is in 16 million USD debt and so close to bankruptcy. 

According to news of Us Weekly, she has more than 10 million taxes to pay starting from 2012. She also in debt in UK, not only USA because of his big mansion. Also Presley owes nearly 50.000 USD to her credit card company.

The main reason of this debt is unclear but looks like Lisa Marie Presley is not good with finance and maths. As we saw on documents, there is no way to pay that debt without any unexpected and new big project.

Fans are concerned about the situation, debt combined with fourth divorce of her might lead her into a depression. Fans are sending good thoughts on Twitter and other social media accounts to her.

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