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Gender Fluid: What is that?

Gender Fluid: What is that?

There is a new term already rocking the world, in every country, even in the hardcore conservative ones, people started to discuss the term of gender fluid. Actually, it’s pretty strange word. World is just started to accept LGBT communities, even some of the countries still not accepting legal gay marriage. Gender fluid term brings that one step further.

What is Gender Fluid?

As well all know, for most of the population, extensive, there are two genders, male and female. Of course some people claiming there are plenty of more gender but it’s still contradictive. If we accept two genders, female and male, gender fluid means “changing gender frequently, even in a few hours”

Sounds weird and interesting right? Let’s dig more!

Gender Fluidity Can Be Expressed In Everywhere

A gender fluid person could express his/her masculinity or femineity in way he or she dress, express emotions or describe him or herself. For instance, a gender fluid person could be female in the morning and act, dress like a man at dinner.

According to Dot Brauer, the director of LGBTQA Center of Vermont University, every gender exist on a spectrum. And expressing this gender so progressive is normal and acceptable. University of Vermont is one of the first universities which offers gender-neutral bathrooms. Also in this university, students could choose their names, female or male.

LGBTQA Center of Vermont University

Gender Fluids Are Not He or She, They Are “They”

Brauer stated, it’s not right to identify gender fluids with regular he or she pronouns. He stated we should say “they.”

Also, Bauer stated; “If you imagine the spectrum and imagine the most feminine expression you have ever seen and most masculine you have ever seen and just sort of imagine where you are on that.”

If you move on that spectrum, probably you are so close to be a gender fluid person.

Internet Helps People To Identify Their Genders

Brauer stated, in early generations, it was hard to find even a simple idea about genders and people stuck with just two. When people can’t express themselves, humanity couldn’t move forward as it moves fast today.

Since millennials started to use internet, even live with the internet, members of millenial generation can easily find information and join discussion topics like gender expression.

A gender fluid, Lee Luxion, in University of Vermont also said prefers the pronoun “they.” Rubby Rose stated, “one morning I could woke up as man or women, I don’t know, even sometimes both and sometimes as neither”

Lee Luxion stated, they express themselves in dresses and makeup, hairdo or other psychical appearances. But when the mannerism change, the way they speak also changes.

Gender Fluidism Could Start at Young Age

When it comes to gender, it’s all natural and it could start to change or show some symptoms in young age. For example, Franki Davis, 14 years old is also identifying himself as gender fluid.

Franki Davis says, “I am a demiboy.”

Demiboy means; a person (he or she) identifies partially as a man.

Franki’s parents say, Franki discovered his identity during adolescence and when they came out as demiboy, mom Kristen Shaw decided to homeschool Franki due to anxiety they faced at the school.

Shaw also added, “My greatest concern was that they were going to be more isolated and the limited friendship they have socially.”

But right now, nearly every millennial aware of that situation, they accept people as they are. Currently, Franki’s parents are happy with their demiboy, supporting Franki’s decision.

Gender Fluid Might Be New But It’s Effective

Gender fluid term might be new term but it’s already hidden within people for thousands of years. But when people discuss something, when people work to give the meaning to something, ideas spread and terms comes out.

Now there are plenty of gender fluid communities. People sharing ideas and giving necessary information to understand what is gender fluid, so people could accept them easily.

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