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Jeffrey Tambor is Now Fired!

Jeffrey Tambor

Amazon Studios officially fired Jeffrey Tambor from the movie Transparent because of harassment claims. Fans are shocked but investigation shows Amazon Studios is right to fire him!

It was on the news for a while. Famous actor Jeffrey Tambor was facing with the sexual harassment claims but there were nothing official. Amazon just confirmed, they had completed their investigation about claims and officialy fired Emmy winning actor from the project Transparent.

Tambor was a good asset for Amazon Studios but company stated they have zero tolerance policy against sexual or any kind of harassment and they will help authorities in everyway they can do. 

Currently, Jeffrey Tambor is silent about the situation. After Jeffrey Taylor, Amazon hired NBC’s president Jennifer Salke to replace Price. 

Jeffrey Tambor was away from the project for a while because of recent events about sexual harassment. Previously, Amazon send a suspension notice because of internal investigation. With the recent news, it’s now official he is not a part of Transparent anymore.

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