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Kate Middleton’s Wore Erdem’s Dress Again

Image: Rex/Getty

Famous Turkish-British designer Erdem’s designs are in royal family again. For royal family, it’s usual, Erdem is kind of their favorite, especially Kate Middleton.

Erdem is famous for his floral designs. He is using the touch of flowers in her every design and Kate Middleton is known for her flower love.

Middleton appeared at The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange Reception at Buckingham Palace on February 19. She was wearing 3,000 dollars Erdem dress. Her dress looks fabulous as usual. Don’t forget to mention, she is pregnant! Even with pregnancy, her dress and her body look fabulous.

Kate Middleton
Image: PA

Royal Family and Kate Middleton fans are rushed to stores to get similar dresses but of course, there is nothing you can compare with Erdem’s designs. Fashionistas around the world started to search alternatives to dress especially for pregnant women, even they are trying to combine a few dresses. Looks like they couldn’t do it yet but with this performance, they will find soon…

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