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Kylie Jenner’s Sudden Change About Privacy

Kylie Jenner's mother

Sources confirmed, Kylie Jenner enjoying her new role as mother. Jenner gave birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster on February 1. With a lot of gossips and rumors around the globe, Stormi hit the top of the news every day.

Now it’s calm and steady. Well-known celebrity Jenner, embraces her new role as mother and loving to care Stormi. Contrary to expectations, Kylie is very hands-on mom and extremely involved everything about Stormi.

Sources confirmed, Kylie is taking care of Stormi, almost every moment when she is at home. She doesn’t like babysitters and wants to be a good mother to Stormi.

Right after Stormi’s birth, Kylie’s ex was claimed she is his daughter but Kylie and Travis rejected that claims. Now they look so happy and delightful with their baby girl.

Close sources to Kylie Jenner talking about Jenner’s new privacy policy. In the past, Jenner was always on the spotlight but after motherhood hits her, now she wants more privacy for her and her daughter. 

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