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NBC Went Black On Super Bowl

Super Bowl
Super Bowl Black

Football fans are very angry! NBC went black during the final moments of Super Bowl on Sunday, February 4, during the first half of Super Bowl.

Millions of viewers around the world blamed the NBC for incident, NBC officially apologized and explained what happened during the game.

That unfortunate incident happened at the first half of the game. NBC said it was caused by the equipment failure and resolved quickly, but fans are not happy with the explanation.

Black On Super Bowl
Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

NBC officials said, the main reason of the blackout is equipment failure and no game action or any commercial is missed.

Despite that, many of viewers reacted to social media about the blackout and blamed the NBC for that.

Black out was 12 seconds long, it seems not important but when it’s come to Super Bowl, every second means thousands of dollars. Fans mentioning possible lawsuits against NBC but it’s not confirmed nor any legal action taken right now.

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