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Netflix’s New Movie: Perfume

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Patrick Suskind’s best-seller novel Perfume based German thriller series bought by Netflix. A big hit, German thriller series are very popular in Germany and soon it will be on Netflix globally. 

Perfume crime drama is about the story of a killer which is fighting against the mental issues. Perfume’s cast is really impressive. From Inglorious Bastards’s Ken Duken to Wotan Wilke Mohring, it’s pretty big deal. 

Perfume is set in 18th century France. It’s about a serial killer with superhuman sense abilities. He is using smells to hunt people and also he can use specialized perfumes to manipulate people around him. 

Perfume got very interesting and impressive story. When it comes to Netflix, it’s not a surprise to get worldwide popularity. People around the world, especially Germans are super happy about the news because, with Netflix’s streaming rights, there is a hope for more seasons too.

Currently, it’s not certain when it’s going to be aired, but ZDFneo Germany announced it will premier on Netflix worldwide this fall.

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