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Queen Elizabeth Appeared on London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week
Photo by Yui Mok - Pool/Getty Images

A big surprise happened on London’s world-famous Fashion Week. Looks like The Queen is a real fashionista! 91 years old Queen of England joined the world famous fashion frenzy on Tuesday. It was surprising and no one was expecting her to appear.

She arrived at the Richard Quinn’s walk on BFS Showspace. She spotted with the super good looking blue dress and a classic black handbag.

Queen Elizabeth
Photo by Mike Marsland/Mike Marsland/WireImage

Right after her visit to the show, Royal Family confirmed her appearance on London Fashion Week. She presents the award to the designer. Also, the royal family stated, “The award, initiated in recognition of the role of the fashion industry plays in society and diplomacy.”

Before Queen visit Fashion Week, Kate Middleton was hosting a reception for the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange. Looks like royal family enjoys the fashion and supports its role in diplomacy and worldwide impact, it’s so true world is shaped by fashion and culture, so royals know that little trick and uses it. 

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