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Rihanna Goes out of the House $5.000

rihanna street style
rihanna street style

Singing and singing, Rihanna spoke of her style and style as much as she could, but she looked out of the streets of New York and looked out for a $ 5,000 street style. Rihanna, who has always been interested in wearing clothes, crazy hair models and jewelry, continues to use the ‘Rapunzel’ hairstyle she changed last October on the streets of New York.

The 28-year-old Barbados singer appeared on her way out of the house to go to Ocean’s Eight filming set.

The value of this ordinary style of RiRi, which attracts attention with its single piece, shabby and short sweatshirt preference, is about 5 thousand dollars.


The Vetements brand sweatshirt worn in the form of a dress over Rihanna is worth 800 dollars.


The price of the Louis Vuitton mini backpack under Rihanna, who started singing at the age of 7, is $ 1910.


At the same time, fun, fashion designer and model Rihanna’ın preferred by the Gucci socks are 460 dollars full.


If the 28-year-old singer’s Mason Margiela brand sports auction option is valued at $ 990.

When Rihanna adds a blue black raincoat and jewels he gets to get wet, the famous singer’s street style is making about $ 5,000.


Here’s the bill from Rihanna’s house…

If you compare what she earned, she is wearing really cheap but for a normal human being it’s really expensive of course. But if she continues to do it, looks like we need to expect a massive hit from her with massive earnings…

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