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What helps against moths in the closet?

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When favorite sweater emblazoned an unsightly hole or opening of the wardrobe, an unloved guest a flapping forward, one is not only annoyed or disgusted but also often quite at a loss. Here, you can easily fight the uninvited guest. Do you have a moth infestation? Are you wondering how to get rid of moths in your wardrobe, in your carpets or in your kitchen? How to get rid of moths?

The unwanted creatures feel at an ambient temperature of about 24 degrees and the humidity of at least 75 percent in the closet and throw themselves there, how could it be otherwise with fondness on wool, cashmere, silk, feathers, and furs. But there are ways and means to combat the persistent problem.

How to recognize moths in the closet? How to get rid of clothes moths?

Represent hours though no immediate health risk to humans, but the larvae eat various substances throughout the home. The first moth infestation suspected so you should inspect clothes and carpets pitting. The so-called moth dreams are another indication. These consist of fine, thin, white threads or cocoon-like formations. To find they are frequently on the clothes in the closet, such as laundry folding of textiles, which already longer hang. how to get rid of clothes moths

What home remedy help against moth infestation?

The scent of the citric acid powder keeps the troublemakers in the future from the wardrobe. Hot water with a few drops of lemon oil in the closet put best a bowl. Also cedar wood slices or sprays to combat Motte convince discreet smell a pleasant. It keeps away the hours, find this anything but pleasant smell. To prevent moths can be used to scent soaps or smaller scented tea lights between the clothes in the closet and achieve success as quite as positive. Cotton pads sprayed with perfume, also show a great effect in the closet.

Secret weapon Neem Oil

Neem Oil
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Neem Oil helps not only against moths. This oil is an all-rounder in the pest control and is effective against a variety of different styles. Moths Neem sprays get help quickly and easily.

What chemical resources are there and what should you pay attention?

Chemical agents are highly controversial, but very effective and cheap pest control. They should be used only in an emergency. Especially when children and animals in the household, ecological, biological products and proven home remedies should be tried first before you spread the chemical poison in the premises.

He time-tested moth spray delivers effective results highly. The spray provides a months-long in dry indoor areas. Moth paper, however, works on the basis of the slow evaporation of the toxic substance. The synthetic insecticide is relatively harmless and unfolds its effect very quickly.

When should you consult an exterminator?

Has the extent of moths is taken over, no commercially available supplements help. If a small moth infestation is quickly resolved with one or two moth traps. Mostly the exterminator can help a veritable plague of moth or more recurrent infestation.

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